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Welcome to the UKWebAd American Car Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best American Car Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 0760309507

This book is devoted to the post-war custom car rage of the late 40s through the 60s. While the emphasis here is on leadsleds and related, my favorite sections deal with the extreme show cars that first appeared in the mid-60s, from bathtub mobiles to creations like the Uncertain T and the Crucifier. Author Pat Ganahl knows his history, and the presentation is excellent.

ISBN 0760319278

No other era in automotive history is as revered as the 1950s, when Detroit was the center of the auto world and the American V-8 was king of the road. With hundreds of color photos of beautiful restorations and a collection of rare archival photos, Dennis Adler has compiled a detailed history of the emerging postwar American auto industry.

ISBN 0873499883

The world's most popular book on the mighty American cars of the 1960s and 70s is back and better than ever. Updated with more specs, more information and more colour than ever before. This edition showcases more than 300 of Detroit's tire-twisting cars from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, AMC, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and more.

ISBN 0312242018

In From the Dining Car, author James Porterfield combines wonderful stories behind today's greatest rail dining experiences with recipes created by the chefs who rule these rails.

ISBN 0393318613

An enlightening peek at the inner workings of a large corporation trying to reinvent itself. . . . It's rare to find an auto book that explains the process of creating a car with so much color and detail.

ISBN 0385507690

As an automotive journalist, Maynard apparently has all the facts, interviews and trade show vignettes to tell the story of the Big Three being replaced by non-U.S. manufacturers who simply do the job better. She also includes interviews with car shoppers and others who are not germane to her tale. Still, this is a powerful chronicle on the threatened, imminent demise of more American icons. We find this very valuable reading for marketing and human resource professionals, corporate change management executives and anyone interested in buying a car.

ISBN 0810957272

Contains works of art in all sorts of media, inspired by custom cars and hot rods. Artists featured in the book include, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Von Dutch, Robert Williams, Richard Prince, Rubin Ortiz Torres, Sylvie Fleury and Fiona Banner.

ISBN 084782540X

This title provides in-depth examinations of the creative process behind more than 30 contemporary models that embody the trends of the future. The product of more than three years of research, this volume collects the author's essays and interviews with the design directors of General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler.

ISBN 0847698637

In this unique and lively ethnography of women who sell cars, sociologist Helene M. Lawson and the ladies on the lot take readers behind the scenes of one of the last bastions of a predominantly male workplace: the car dealership. Linking the women's own stories within the broader framework of gender and occupation, Lawson presents an engaging and important case study on the impact of gender differences and behavior in the workplace.

ISBN 0873499778

Enthusiasts will love this pictorial history of the great American auto industry with hundreds of specitacular full-colour photos and detailed coverage of nearly 350 milestone models, from the legendry Model A Ford to the innovative 2005 Chevrolet SSR. Readers get a look at turn-of-the-century models, as well as the best sport and luxury cars this celebrated industry produced in the past 105 years. Each car is shown in a large scale, full-colour photo, with an article detailing the conception of the car, historical information, options and selling points.

ISBN 0760318743

The Complete Mustang follows the history and technological developments of the car that has captured the heart of American. From the 1963 prototype and 2+2 Fastback, back in 1964, through the high-performance Shelbys, the 1978 King Cobra and the "new breed" Fox Mustang, with its popular 5.0-liter-of-the-pack, engine, and on to the SN-95 and the SVT Cobra to today's Mustang Mach 1, this book tackles all the great models.


A guided tour through some of the best automotive museums around, MOTORHEAD MUSEUMS takes you first to the Justice Brothers Museum, which houses midget racers, funny cars, hot rods, and dragsters. Afterwards a trip to Edelbrock is in store, where you will explore the many famous rods and custom-built cars, and then you'll have the chance to see how they were made at the Edelbrock Factory.


Take a guided tour through the Peterson automotive museum, known for its rare and varied collection that includes a multimillion dollar Duesenberg, and many cars that were put together by famous customizers such as Darryl Starbird, George Barris, and Bill Cushenberry, among others. Then visit the Murphy Automobile museum, which boasts the Lola Indy Racer, a 1903 curved dash Oldsmobile, as well as Packards and Cadillacs from 1929 through 1958.


Features the L.A. Roadster show and takes you to sunny Southern California where you'll take a tour of some of the largest hot rod and kustom car shows in the world. From detailed classic beauties to chopped and dropped roadsters, you'll see it all.


Features the West Coast Kustom car show and takes you to sunny Southern California where you'll take a tour of some of the largest hot rod and kustom car shows in the world. From detailed classic beauties to chopped and dropped roadsters, you'll see it all


La Carerra Pan Americana draws road-rally enthusiasts from all over the world to dare the rugged beauty that is Mexico. The grueling 2000-mile course runs from the wild highlands of the Guatemalan border, north to Nuevo Laredo, across the Rio Grande in Texas.


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